The project

What is your relationship with forests? Do you have a recent or long ago memory in which a forest plays an important role? Share it with us!

You can send it as text, audio or video using this form (deadline extended until the 29th of January!).

From the memories we receive, we will choose some to exhibit them as short stories. Each story will start from the experience of a person with a specific forest. With the available scientific tools, we will forecast how this forest will look like in the future. Are the forests that we know today going to change? What will be the role of climate change?

Forests seem very stable, but they are in fact living and dynamic systems. They change over time, sometimes drastically, in response to climate or human pressure. Forests are particularly vulnerable to climate change.

We are a group of researchers from the CREAF and from the Autonomous University of Barcelona   studying forests. In collaboration with some artists, we are organising the activity Forest in motion.  How will climate change affect our forests?, as a part of the After the end of the world exhibition held at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). The activity is open to everybody and will take place at the CCCB on March 15th at 6:30 pm. We look forward to meting you there!